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The wedding is one of the most important days in life. If not the most beautiful one. Here we want to be generous as much as we can. However, a wedding causes tremendous costs. We know a wedding book is a precious reminder of this beautiful day. How much do we want and have to spend on a wedding photo report?

There are many offers for wedding photos. From a friend who likes to take pictures in his free time, or the professional, who shows up with an assistant and a busload full of equipment. Alex has been doing wedding photography for years, has got tons of experience and is recommended by many wedding couples.

He shows clearly with his Calculator what his pictures will cost you. So you both can work out you wedding budget. Alex, the Uster Wedding photographer showed a new way to the wedding market with this transparent and digital solution. Here are the FAQ.

How do I calculate the costs for wedding photos?

With the Calculator it is easy to figure out the costs for your personal wedding photo report. Just set it up with different modules. Wedding couples love what Alex offers: the couple shooting for the invitation, the exclusive Wedding Book, the cool Wedding Video and the great PhotoBox with lots of fun snapshots – all out of one hand. You are flexible with your planning and expenses are always in your control.

Alex found a great system

There are so many offers for wedding pictures. Couples are getting overwhelmed easily and cant crasp the photographer’s cost details. With the Online Calculator you got all costs on one sight. And the anxious lovers won’t forget anything regarding the photos. Organizing a wedding is complicated enough!

How is the pricing set up?

A wedding photo report takes time, especially photo shopping and retouching after the event. On request, the couple can even delegate the creation of the wedding book to the photographer. Many couples just don’t have the time for selecting from thousands of photos and even create the book.

Alex loves to take this time, and his pictures will remind you of this great day forever. Shootings within Kanton Zuerich are free of charge for travel expenses. There are discounts for packages and early booking.

Wedding reports start at CHF 600 – why Alex?

Certainly the price is important. But to select a photographer just over the price is not recommended. It’s personal: He will be with you before, during and after your wedding. His experience and the quality of his pictures are the most important factor in your planning. And the way he creates his work. The smile on everybody’s face at the right moment is an expression of a great job done!

I have lots of experience in photography, but I also know the coolest locations all over Switzerland. And I love crazy things like the Trash-The-Dress-Shootings after the event. I offer optional services and gadgets like the PhotoBox, the retouching, videos and wedding books – all out of one hand. Most important: I am taking time to get to know the couple and their expectations. So I deliver quality beyond all expectations!

The Easy Way to Get an Offer for Your Wedding Pictures

Sometimes Alex is contacted directly by the groom, who wants to surprise his future wife with a full service package of the wedding. For these requests Alex created «The Darling Collection». It includes everything your heart desires at a package price of CHF 4750.- The best all in one!

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