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Want to share your beautiful wedding memories with your grandchildren, many years from now? Alex creates unique Wedding Books for his wedding couples.

The magic of wedding photography kicks in, when a couple holds their own personal story in their hands – with a wedding book. What a beautiful moment, very emotional and sometimes a moment of tears…


Why a professional Wedding Book?


Zeit und Nerven sparen

Zeit und Nerven sparen

Digitales geht verloren

Digitales geht verloren

Qualität für die Ewigkeit

Qualität für die Ewigkeit   

Dedication for the Detail: Handmade Perfection

My wedding books are handmade. As individual and unique as the couple themselves. Come to see my collection in my studio in Uster. It’s like a wedding fair! With this you can easily decide on design, look and material of your wedding book.



A Professional Wedding Book means…

… High-end quality done with state-of-art-technology. High res pictures grant a great flexibility for enlargements for posters or even wall papers. It’s all done with the eye of a pro. For memories lasting an eternity!


Manufacturing wedding album Young Book

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Retouching: Your Wedding Pictures in Perfection!

First photo shopping (simple corrections) are included. Want more? A professional retouching is the professional fine tuning of your wedding pictures.


Nachher Nachher
Vorher Vorher


Your Personal Wallpaper

How would your favorite pictures look in your living room? Alex can visualize it in a print. Send a picture of your room. I create a high quality print on Aludibond just in the right size for your personal wallpaper.


Wandkollektion Wohnzimmer schwarzweiss
Wandkollektion Wohnzimmer Farbe
Wandkollektion Wohnzimmer Sepia


Your Wedding Book lasts forever!

A great deal of your budget will be spend on fine dining, deco, fun entertainment and the unique wedding vehicle. What will remain after the beautiful flower decoration starts fading? Many of your investments are just for that day. Not with a wedding book: These pictures of happiness will last forever.

More questions?

I will be glad to answer them all! Call me for appointment, come visit in my studio to see my work.

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