Hochzeit Monika & Stefan auf dem Steg
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Braut und Bräutigam
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Fächer
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Blick aus dem Grünem
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Braut
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Haarschmuck
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Gefährliche Balance
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Kind im Hintergrund die Eltern
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Brautpaar mit Kind
Hochzeit Monika & Stefan Versteckt im Schilf

Wedding pictures at Greifensee

Monika & Stefan

They were already married a year ago but now wanted to throw a party. So we met for the shooting in the town of Greifensee. Everyone was in a good mood, even the youngest member of the family. He was just incredible, a natural! We got wonderful family photos in no time at all. The party took place in a cabin in the woods of Maur. After a BBQ feast from an Oklahoma grill, accompanied by a live band, the guests danced and partied far into the night. Unfortunately, I had to leave at midnight because of an early appointment the next day. It was a lot of fun, thank you! All the best to the young family.